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Funding Models for DIY biologists

December 14, 2012

Jason Bobe

Over at Nature’s SpotOn, Rayna Stamboliyska asks the question: “How do we make DIYBio sustainable?”

Check out her review of funding strategies in the DIYbio community to-date, including:

  • membership fees (e.g. Biocurious)
  • fee for service (e.g. workshops at Genspace)
  • grant funding (e.g. MadLab UK)
  • crowdfunding (e.g. Open PCR)
  • commercialization (e.g. Amplino)

Thanks Rayna!

DIYbio News Round-up

January 16, 2012

Jason Bobe

The DIYbio community has been featured in several major news outlets recently.  Here is a round-up, with links to featured individuals and community labs:

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