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Eri Gentry’s garage biotech revolution

DIY Biotechnologists Go Looking for a Bigger Garage — The Atlantic Monthly

Curing Cancer in a Garage? — Institute for the Future

The Boston Globe: Accessible science

Hackers aim to make biology household practice

By Carolyn Y. Johnson, September 15, 2008

Seed Magazine: The Biohacking Hobbyist

Why does all biology happen in academic or industrial labs? Mac Cowell, cofounder of DIYbio, seeks to change that.

By Greg Boustead, December 11, 2008

Público: Biohackers: reventar y reinventar la biología desde los garajes

Vida artificial. La biología sintética puede ser la revolución tecnológica del siglo XXI

By Javier Yanes, December 18, 2008

You can also read an English translation by Google Translate.

Do It Yourself DNA

Amateurs Trying Genetic Engineering At Home

Marcus Wohlsen, December 25, 2008

The AP covered this story and it is available from many news outlets (The Huffington Post has some interesting reader comments, as does Slashdot): The International Herald Tribune, USA Today, ABC News, Forbes,,, and more.

New Scientist: Rise of the garage genome hackers

“One amateur biologist engineered a microbe she says is capable of simple logic operations”

(focus on Kay Aull, Meredith Patterson, & Jason Bobe)
By Phil McKenna, 07 January 2009 (New Scientist 2689)

Students, Scientists Build Biological Machines

News Hour with Jim Lehrer, aired December 30, 2008 (transcript or video)