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Hardware: Dremelfuge Classic

Dremelfuge Classic attached to dremeltool


Cathal Garvey




Design for mini-centrifuge rotor that fits onto a Dremel tool shaft. 6-tube capacity. 3D-printing suitable for manufacturing. Open-Source Hardware. Design files available at, 3D prints available at

Cathal Garvey:“Intended basic applications of Dremelfuge include column purification (tested to work with miniprep columns) and bacterial/cell debris pelleting (under testing). With standard microcentrifuge tubes, the average rotary distance is 4cms.”

Design Files – License unknown

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DremelFuge DIY-centrifuge Spins the Best!

March 21, 2010

Jonathan Cline

Dremelfuge Classic loaded with tubes

The Do-It-Yourself-Dremel-Centrifuge, DremelFuge, now nearly meets the capabilities of the best centrifuges!  As previously posted for DIYbio (in “Cathal has designed a simple centrifuge using open source hardware technology, and you can order one yourself!“), the DremelFuge is an adapter which turns a Dremel rotary-tool into a lab-quality centrifuge capable of use in various bioprotocols.

As Cathal states on the DIYbio mailing list:

After a design revision which is now “official” and for sale on Shapeways, the Dremelfuge can hold tubes securely, with liquid load, up to the full speed of a Dremel 300. At a top speed of 33,000 RPM, this means the tubes experience about 52,000RCF (g).

Dremelfuge Classic OpenSCAD solid model rendering

Dremelfuge Classic OpenSCAD solid model rendering

Dremelfuge Classic loaded with tubes

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