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Second Seattle Meetup

January 18, 2009

Jason Bobe

A couple days ago, I met up with Randy Hall and Dan Heidel. I hadn’t met Dan before, but he heard about the recent Seattle meeting and got in touch. He’s this really smart dude who is currently in the process of setting up Seattle Open Biolabs, a wetlab adjacent to a hackerspace he’s a part of, Hackerbot. The lab isn’t huge, but it will be available to competent researchers that want to do their own bio R&D.

It’s pretty exciting, because I’ve been talking to the University of Washington about allowing public use of their facilities for DIYbio. That has its own set of hurdles, especially once you get into the realm of IP. So, Dan setting up his lab and needing interested parties, then finding out about DIYbio is perfect timing.

The next Seattle DIYbio meeting will be at Dan’s house in two weeks, and we’re going to advertise it far and wide. I’ll keep you guys posted, and Dan should be sending a message to the list pretty soon. Cool stuff.


-Alec Nielsen


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  1. Dell Roark #
    March 12, 2009

    Just dropped by, sounds interesting

  2. Giacomo Caglioni #
    March 23, 2009

    I like the idea of an open WetLab, and I would like to replicate it in my own city. In so doing, I hope to spark interest in the local community of DIY biologists and researchers.
    Where can I find some guidance and a list of supplies I will need to set this up?

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