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This week in DIYbio

February 17, 2009


This week: Gel electrophoresis in a straw

This week: Gel electrophoresis in a straw


Hi everyone — Thoughts and discussions took a backseat to projects and results. This week we had everything from starting DIY iGEM Teams to sharing results of straw electrophoresis. Check it out!


Links and Discussion:

  • Defining and shaping DIYbio culture (Security, Safety, and Responsibility) is discussed by Roger Brent and others (thread)
  • Do-it-yourself PCR by Scientific American is brought to attention by Reshma Shetty (thread)
  • Can ‘open peer review’ work for biologists? Jason Morrison and others discuss an article from Nature (thread)
  • Flu biology: Lora wonders if we can sequence different strains of flu (thread)
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