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DIYbio in 4 minutes – O’Reilly Ignite Boston 5

March 5, 2009


I gave another lightning talk about DIYbio at Ignite Boston 5 in February 09.
The DIYbio Community – Presented at Ignite Boston 5 (2009) from mac cowell on Vimeo.

We founded, a community for amateur scientists, last year in May, just in time to present at ignite boston 2008. Since then, the community has grown. In this talk, I spend 5 minutes giving a lighting overview of the community and the current hot projects members are working on: new, cheap, diy-hardware, distributed science experiments (think flashmobs for science), a biohacking coworking space, and some molecular biology experiments (including making genetically engineered fluorescent yogurt, a melamine biosensor, and a biological counter).

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  1. David Young #
    May 23, 2009

    Please tell me how I can get involved with The DIYbio Community. I would also like to be put on your mailing list


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