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H+ Beer Meetup

June 12, 2010


hplusbeer party

transhumanists sip beer and munch on charred meat at the h+beer meetup post-conference on Saturday night

Saturday, 12 June 2010, 6PM to 8PM+ at Sprout (map).

The H+ Summit is a two day event that explores how humanity will be radically changed by technology in the near future. Visionary speakers will explore the potential of technology to modify your body, mind, life, and world. It’s all happening this weekend at the Harvard Science center.

H+beer is a free public event for h+summit participants and local technologists, hackers, artists, intellectuals, diybiologists, grad students, h-, and other ilk for socializing and discussion in the early evening amongst the charming light manufacturing equipment at Sprout, a local hackerspace*.

Refreshments (free beer) and snacks will be provided. Since we’ll be in a hackerspace, feel free to augment your talking with hacking to illustrate your conversation.


  • h+ participants
  • local hackers, artists, intellectuals, and h- folks
  • beer
  • snacks
  • brain uploading machines


What will it mean to be a human in this next phase of technological development? How can we prepare now for coming changes? We foresee the feasibility of redesigning the human condition and overcoming such constraints as the inevitability of aging, limitations on human and artificial intellects, unchosen psychology, lack of resources, and our confinement to the planet earth. The possibilities are broad and exciting. The H+ Summit will provide a venue to discuss these future scenarios and to hear exciting presentations by the leaders of the ongoing H+ (r)evolution.”


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* Sprout actually is not a hackerspace per se, but a small social design firm building resources to enable education through experimentation. A side effect of their current efforts is the public workshop they run. Learn more at

Beer Pouring Robots

will post-humans enjoy beer-pouring?

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