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Biotech Crash Course

March 3, 2011

Jason Bobe

For those in the NYC area who are ready to roll-up your sleeves and learn new biotech skills, I received the following note from Ellen Jorgensen, President & Scientific Program Director at Genspace:

Genspace is repeating its popular Biotech Crash Course starting Sunday March 20th. It will run from 2PM to 6PM on three consecutive Sundays and cover all the basic techniques used to cut and manipulate DNA. This is a hands-on course where you will isolate DNA, cut it using restriction enzymes, amplify it using PCR, and clone it into bacteria.  The cost for the course is $300.  We have 12 slots available, with two at a special discounted student rate. Please let us know ASAP if you are interested, since we anticipate this session will fill up fast.


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  1. Benjamin Kahn #
    May 14, 2011


    I just learned about you folks in a book by Marcus Wohlsen, Biopunk. I am a curious person, and quite curious about biotechnology, having just completed a intro to genetics course. Therefore, I’m very interested in learning more about upcoming workshops for amateur biologist/biotechnologists, such as the one posted advertising Genspace’s March Biotech Crash Course in NYC. Living a few hours north of the city, this is a great opportunity should a similar program be offered again.

    Thank you, kindly.

    Benjamin Kahn

  2. Dale Massad MD #
    July 19, 2011

    Is the material taught in the Biotech Crash Course available online or other cities?
    D M M D

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