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News round-up

July 30, 2014

Cat Ferguson

DIY atomic force microscope via Instructables

It’s that time again! Light news week. Get in touch via Twitter or email if you’ve got news, opinions, or just a link to pictures of sad dogs who ate bees.

Meetup in Cincinnati


Time: Tuesday August 5th at 8 PM.

Location: Hive13, 2929 Spring Grove Ave

Topic: They don’t have a space yet, but they want to throw around ideas for projects, funding, space, etc. Join them or give some advice!

And keep an ear out for a possible meetup in Linz, Austria, also in August.



People had a lot of fun talking about this, including how to build a DIY atomic force microscope. That’s used for high-resolution images of microbial surfaces. If you’re interested, check out the Google Group discussion for a whole bunch of papers and people to chat up about the technology.

Bonus: in Pittsburgh? Get on T.V.!

A T.V. producer solicited the list looking for Pittsburgh biohackers, so give her a shout if you’re in the area and feeling chatty.



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