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Ask a Biosafety Expert — Closed

At this time, we are not accepting new biosafety questions from the DIYbio community.

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The Ask a Biosafety Expert was an experimental educational service where we took questions about biosafety from strangers on the internet and a group of volunteer, professional biosafety experts regularly got together to discuss and attempt to craft cogent responses with links to additional reading.

Some questions were straightforward, and others were more challenging to figure out how best to respond. For example, we often did not have a lot of information about the person’s workspace and context matters a lot. Check out our database of previously answered questions,

Do you have a biosafety question? You might find a sympathetic biosafety professional through your local university or find a local chapter through one of the professional biosafety associations.

A huge thanks to the biosafety experts that volunteered their time over the years. And special thanks to Dave Rejeski, Todd Kuiken, the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars and the Sloan Foundation for support for this program.

If you are a foundation or grantmaker interested in supporting a biosafety program for DIY biologists or community labs, please get in touch.


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