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Graphic Record from 2011 DIYbio Continental Congress in London organized a series of congresses in 2011, where we brought together individuals and delegates from regional groups in North America and Europe to collaborate on the development of a DIYbio code that may serve as a framework for helping us achieve a vibrant, productive and safe global community of DIYbio practitioners, regional groups, and community labs.

In May 2011, individuals and delegates from regional groups of DIY biologists from across Europe came together at the London School of Economics BIOS Centre with the goal of generating an aspirational code of ethics for the emerging do-it-yourself biology movement. The congress was composed of participants from five countries, including Denmark, England, France, Germany, and Ireland .

In July 2011, a second congress was held in San Francisco with participants from regional DIYbio groups across North America, including individuals from ARC (Houston, TX), BioBridge (San Francisco, CA), BioCurious (Mountain View, CA), BOSSLab (Boston, MA), Genspace (Brooklyn, NY), and LA Biohackers (Los Angeles, CA).

Read the draft codes of ethics from Europe (left) and North America (right)