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  • How does one hire a bio lab technician for consulting?
    As you know I am attempting to produce an sample of viable fat stem cells suitable for personal medical use, on my own, and on a budget. At this point I think I understand the salient biological and medical issues but I am lacking hands on laboratory know-how. I looked into utilizing a community
  • DNA binding to column - ethanol denatured or pure?
    Hi guys! Question on purification of DNA with a DNA purification kit (or a maxiprep kit). The principle is that DNA binds to the silica columns, and then ethanol run above it so it washes away impurities. Here, pure ethanol that has not been denatured costs 30€+ per litre.. Because the
  • Interesting way to enhance adipocyte dedifferentiation?
    temperature oscillation during incubation Deng, Z., Zou, J., Wang, W., Nie, Y., Tung, W.-T., Ma, N., & Lendlein, A. (2019). *Dedifferentiation of mature adipocytes with periodic exposure to cold. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, 1–10.* doi:10.3233/ch-199005 url :
  • Transfection in vivo - AAV vs PEI delivery efficiency
    Hi everyone! Not something for DIYbio, but as there are a lot of smart people here, I was still wondering if anyone has done this. We want to find a comparison of AAV to PEI for in vivo studies in mice. ~100 Million AAV particles with GFP are equivalent to XX micrograms of DNA packaged with
  • Bio lab protocol websites
    Anyone here have experience with one of the protocol forums like
  • What's the real deal on community labs
    I am pursuing a biohack project which involves cell isolation and culturing. So the resources of a community lab/biospace would be very useful along with the advice and potential collaboration I'm assuming I might find there. But amazingly there doesn't seem to be such a thing in NYC. Harlem
  • Science literacy
    I have encountered some "older" person, likely in their 50s or 60s, she raises goats and has sold kefir grains for many years. She does not believe in viruses, or that they have ever been isolated. She does not believe that TEM images are actually of viruses. Apparently due to some quack named
  • An update on my effort to isolate viable adipose derived stem cells for therapeutic reinjection and a call for advice
    So I've scoured the internet for papers and guides to nonenzymatic procedures that can be done with simple inexpensive equipment and which yields an usable quantity of fat stem cells that are alive and well. I've read a few and must say I'm not entirely sure if I understand the required steps.
  • Safety of the RNA Corona Vaccine
    Hello all, How do you rate the safety of the new Corona vaccines, which are based on the principle of RNA vaccination? Are there any studies online to read or are they not available to the public? I wonder if you can realistically assess the risk at this point. When I think about the Pandemrix
  • Covid-19 superspreaders
    Hello Together, I have a question to you! Maybe someone knows something about it. In the last months i searched in my freetime for data or scientific studies if i can find something about the maybe slower spread of Covid-19 or lower infection rate in the group of people, who spend a lot of