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  • Question about centrifugation???
    Hi, I have a question about centrifugation. I was wondering, if you centrifuge living cells, let's say oocytes for example, and you end up with a cell extract, wouldn't that cell extract be considered to be dead? Doesn't centrifugation kill a living cell?
  • Measles "immune amnesia" curing autoimmune disorders
    It's an idea I've thought of each time this "immune amnesia" topic comes up, but I don't see any "legitimate" discussion on it. Digging a bit into immune amnesia, it seems the existence of that idea is even argued. Though I can't tell if those claims are legitimate either, since I mostly found
  • Mitochondria Immunology
    Hi everyone! Reading papers I just had this random question. Would be really interesting to hear your thoughts! It's recent news that cells can share mitochondria via exosomes. Both blood and cell culture supernatant contain vesicles with intact mitochondria in them. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
  • AfricaOSH2020 - Focus on DIYBio & Sustainability
  • lamps from quartz natural energy.
    Anyone know an experiment or research on quartz natural energy?
  • Agrobacterium strains
    Dear DIYbio community members, For my experiments, I need 2 strains of *Agrobacterium tumefaciens* strains please. Those strains are 1. C58, and 2. LBA4404 (*not* any other unrelated strains EHA105 or AGL1 etc., at this point). If anyone in this group has one or both strains that they can
  • Wuhan coronavirus genome now on Genbank
    Not sure if anyone here has experience with viral genome phylogenetics, phylodynamics etc. I am more knowledgeable about bacteria but for anyone's interest, the Wuhan coronavirus making the news now has full genomes in GenBank. It is small like most viruses (29 kbp). Several isolates seem
  • Seeking accessible software for Nanobiotech/Nanotech design
    Hello, I'm an amateur inventor looking to discover some software for biomolecule and nanomachine design or at the very least find out the process that professionals use besides using software for designing these things. I've had mild success in finding software for nanotech design, however I
  • New Portland Oregon Lab
    Hey Biological Beings, My name is Zavier, I don't post on here very often but I am pretty active in the community. I am from Vermont and moved out to Portland Oregon recently. I have been building a lab for about 5 years now and I am at a point with it where I would love to open it up to more
  • Starting a community STEM/STEAM Lab in Texas
    Hello! I'm Grace. I came across DIYBio not too long ago and am so glad I found this group. I have been interested in starting a new community STEM/STEAM Lab in Texas around the RGV area. Preferably Edinburg, McAllen, or Pharr. I will say that I currently don't have much experience in lab work,