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  • Slides and accessories
    Hey just getting started on my lab, where is the best place to pick up slides and tissue paper for my microscope. thanks for the help, Jo
  • PCR Drill bits
    Hi there, I was just looking into finishing my PCR machine and I need to drill a hole for the PCR tube. I know the angle is odd and a normal drill bit wont work. Does anyone have a source where they would get one or is there any DIY way to make one. I see other people use things like glass
  • The Role of Hackers in the Open Innovation Process of the Pharmaceutical Industry
    Dear Biohacking Community, some of you I already had the pleasure to meet in person, some of you I just know from silently following the posts here, some of you I just know from their great work out there. So now it is time to give something back to the community: My thesis on biohacking with
  • How to advance a DIYBio lab beyond the basics.
    OK, we have built our lab, fairly well equipped (lots of ebay and purchases from China and India!) and done some basic PCR and electrophoresis testing and even done a small class in Transformation/recombination and a "crime" class with Electrophoresis. My question to DIYBio groups in general is
  • Questions from a Student
    Hi everyone! My name is Ha Anh and I am a student at Michigan State University. I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can answer. I recently heard about biohacking through a course I am taking. In the same course, I have decided to do my final project on researching the accessibility of
  • Publication on simple DIY real-time PCR system
    this was a fascinating read. PCR with a constant-on heater, real time PCR with a phone camera plus a quadracoptor thrown in for good measure! Truly great ideas in this publication.
  • Extracting substances from a chromotography paper
    So if I were to extract amino acids by hydrolyzing human hair, and then separated them out with chromotography paper, then identified each one according to reference Rf values, could I then be able to then remove the amino acids from the paper and convert them to their powdered form? I had an
  • Plant Tissue Culture first attempt Dallas DIY Bio
    We are working on building a space here in Dallas, so far our first attempt at Tissue Culture has been rather poor. About 65% of the vials have mold or fungis, we have quite a good autoclave here, so I will have to work and be much more careful in the future about contamination when putting the
  • UV LED for disinfection of water
    Does anyone have experience with commercial products that uses UV LED for disinfection of water for human consumption? I found these products but I have no references about efficiency: Any tip? Thanks,
  • article request
    can anyone please get me a copy of: "human t cell leukemia virus type 1 induced disease: pathways to cancer and neurodegeneration" virology 2003; 308; 1-12; barmak k, harhaj e, grant c, alefantis t, wigdahl b thank you