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  • 3 connected questions for the anti-aging scientists:
    Quantitatively and qualitatively how do the benefits demonstrated in the 50% plasma dilution experiment compare with changes observed after anti-senescence therapy (senolytics) that wipe out populations of senescent cells? What, if any, of the systemic factors (peptides) reduced in plasma
  • Bacterial cell wall Isolation
    Hello, I'm looking for any protocols which remove the nuclear content from a bacterial cell while in the end leaving the cell wall intact and preserved without destroying it. Is it possible? Or will the absence of content within the cell just cause it to collapse on itself? Thank you for
  • COVID related pathology
    Great article in Wash Post on results from autopsies of patients who have died from COVID "the virus appeared to destroy these cells, which produce platelets, leading to uncontrolled bleeding ... found widespread
  • Biomarkers - RE: [DIYbio] Re: Looking for partner or group for DIY TPE
    Frank's list of markers below seem practical and make a lot of sense (blood pressure, exercise capacity . . .). I'd be interested in knowing how exercise capacity is measured. Large biomarker sets can get complicated. And it's the end results like mobility, maintaining cognitive ability,
  • DNAm and other biomarkers - was RE: [DIYbio] Re: Looking for partner or group for DIY TPE
    Another option for DNA methylation testing is Epimorphy Their parent company is Zymo Research and they have great experience in the field. Initially worked with Steve Horvath to develop their test method, then went on to enhance it. Steve is a
  • One year of Open Science with JOGL!
    JOGL (Just One Giant Lab) is turning one year old! JOGL ( is a platform where users can launch their projects and collaborate with others to solve problems using open science, responsible innovation, and continuous learning! We partner with academic labs, community labs,
  • JOGL Live #1 with Quantified Flu
    Whether COVID-19, the flu or the common cold: Can wearables warn us when we're getting sick? This new event is one of the many ways that JOGL supports open research and innovation. During a one-hour live call, we choose a project on JOGL and bring it into the spotlight. We will talk with
  • CRISPR in plants
    Hi DIY-Bio DIYers, I am considering delving into CRISPR for applications in *plants*. For those who are experience in CRISPR work, here are my questions that I hope to get guidance for: *1. *What is a good list of essential CRISPR resources I need to procure before actually designing
  • Establishing a New Haven Community Bio Space - Equipment List
    We have been very fortunate to get a state innovation grant approved to fund the establishment of a community/DIY bio space in our makerspace. Informed by the various online equipment lists and my own understanding from talking to bio space organizers at the Community Bio Summit I came up with a
  • Looking for partner or group for DIY TPE
    Recent published experiments like the one below from UC Berkeley, demonstrate multi-system rejuvenation from an existing widely available procedure, therapeutic plasma exchange TPE. This is quite exciting and the paper is well worth reviewing. I am interested in begin able to perform TPE on