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  • Starting a community STEM/STEAM Lab in Texas
    Hello! I'm Grace. I came across DIYBio not too long ago and am so glad I found this group. I have been interested in starting a new community STEM/STEAM Lab in Texas around the RGV area. Preferably Edinburg, McAllen, or Pharr. I will say that I currently don't have much experience in lab work,
  • Paper published
    Over the years I have heard questions about the lack of DIY Bio people publishing papers. Here is one that I recently got published. doi: 10.1128/MRA.01009-19
  • Seed / Grants for nonprofit. ( need advice)
    Hello everyone, I am located in NYC area and planing on opening a non profit org including a wet lab as well as providing services to the public ( HS and College students). I was recently looking into obtaining seed funding but I came across the information that Dept of Education has many grants
  • Is this group active?
    Is this group active?
  • opening a diy bio lab
    *hello everyone ,* *i want to open a biohacking lab in india .The cost of equipments is a big barrier which is stopping many biohackers to do research . We need biohacking labs all over the world to iincrease speed of innovation in this field.* *Also biohacking business industry is being
  • Plant-based batteries. Aloe Vera circuit
    move over, potato. *Potential application of Aloe Vera-derived plant-based cell in powering wireless device for remote sensor activation* Peng Lean Chong , Ajay Kumar Singh, Swee Leong Kok Published: December 27, 2019 Abstract It is well proven
  • CRISPR/Cas9 Crash Course for Beginners
    *CRISPR/Cas9 Crash Course for Beginners * *(*Introduction to Gene Editing) -First Online Course on Gene Editing Technology -Our complete CRISPR/Cas9 course teaches you skills in performing the best CRISPR/Cas9 lab experiment. Even if you have *ZERO* genome editing experience. *Outcomes:*
  • Fwd: Survey: Would you call this a citizen science activity?
    Hey everyone, I wanted to forward this survey, as it might be interesting to many here! It tries to get an empirical grasp of what kind of projects are considered citizen science and which ones aren’t! Cheers, Bastian -- mobile phone + 1 (510) 944-4298 🇺🇸 mobile phone +33 7 66 75 21 49
  • electroporation article searches
    I'm looking for this: Cell membrane electroporator with digital generation of random shaped pulses Know a link to it?
  • Growing Human Neurons | DIY Electrode Array THought Emporium video