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  • Free Reagent Giveaway
    Fellow Scientists, I recently had the pleasure of raiding a lab that was shutting down and got a bunch of reagents that our lab doesn't have any use for. I am giving them away to anyone willing to pay shipping. Pre-cast polyacrylamide gels, biochemical assay kits, tissue culture supplies,
  • How much bioinformatics at your DIY lab?
    Hoping for some quick feedback - How much use to people at your community lab make of bioinformatics? What is the most sophisticated piece of computational work you've done so far? At Counter Culture Labs, we have someone doing molecular dynamics simulations for protein linker design. And at
  • Customize Microelectrode array
    Hi, I want to measure the potential changes in cell suspension caused by Bacteria with classical electronics system. Please advice me how i can setup the electronics system for this procedure.
  • What's going on with this in vitro seedling?
    Here's a picture of an Epidendrum seedling growing in vitro. What is the blob structure? Is it a callus, vitrification, or something else? I've noticed similar growths on some of my other cultures as well. Thanks.
  • Biomedical Engineering or Computer Science Engineering
    I've to choose a course now but I'm way too confused between BME and CSE? I'm excellent in coding but I'm interested to learn about this field. My only question is how difficult is it going to be for newbie to start studying about BME and is it a good idea?
  • Question About Developing Antibiotic Replacements
    I had a thought and I'm not sure if it's being done already but would be interested if anyone has any information on the subject. The underlying logic goes like the following: - We extract antibiotics initially from lower organisms before refining them (bread mold is a good example
  • Blue orchids
    So I want to dabble in plant genetics and have already gotten orchids from tissue cultures. I now want to turn them blue. I was going to take a pink Phalaenopsis equestris and try to alter it's genes to make more anthocyanin but it won't turn blue without a more basic pH. Is this correct and what
  • Genetic drift analysis?
    Hello, I'm curious about wild oats; apparently they are very good at hitching a ride with humans whenever we go to new places. I'd like to perform some kind of analysis of wild oat genetics to see if it's possible to estimate how far in the past different populations diverged. If I understand
  • Pathogenic Fungus with Evolution:
    Dear DIYBIO, What's a good bibliographies for study fungus pathogenics with evolution? There are books or on Internet with interface on science learn? Thank's. Sincerely yours, Danilo
  • Background Knowledge
    No what I was actually asking about what background knowledge do I need to dive into biohacking myself ?