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  • DIY BIO Lab in MI
    I am looking to start a DIY lab in southeast MI. I already have most, if not all of the equipment I would need. Is there anyone in SE Michigan that is interested in doing this?
  • BioRock While this is not a DIY bio topic I thought it was interesting enough to share.
  • Plant genetic transformation visible marker help
    Hi folks! Would any of you happen to have plasmid DNA constructs that work as visible markers of plant genetic transformation, without the need for complicated equipment for screening fluorescent (GFP, DsRed, mCherry etc) protein screening OR without the need for destructive assay like the
  • Looking for owner of "refblade" email address.
    So back in the spring, I took a survey of people into DIYbio, and I chose 2 participants at random to receive $50 Amazon gift cards. One of them was successfully received, but the other still just says "Sent" (as per the screenshot - not completely current, but that's still how it looks on my
  • Bio community lab in Austin, Texas area
    Hello, I am a high school student looking for a community lab in the Austin area. I would like to participate in a research project and learn more about biotechnology. Thank you, Tobias
  • Help needed with shRNA interference....
    Dear DIYbio, I've reverse engineered a short hairpin RNA sequence that produces an interfering RNA that I want to express in human cells. [image: image.png] This RNAi targets myotilin, which when misfolded causes a very rare form of muscular dystrophy. Eliminating the misfolded
  • DIY culture medium for invertebrate cells
    I will try to grow marine invertebrates in vitro and I would like to know if anyone knows the possibilities of making the culture medium instead of having to buy it (In the publications that I have read indicate that the serum is not necessary for these species) Some researchers have already
  • Removing nucleases from cell extract
    Hey, I was wondering if the following method could work. Say you wanted to make a crude cell extract of E. coli proteins. Like, you want to do DNA ligation very cheaply and effortless. You don't wanna buy ligase. Let's say you express a huge recombinant ligase or a multimere ligase, and then
  • "Lab Grown Dairy Is Here".. synferm ice cream
    "A third startup, Motif Ingredients—a spinoff of Gingko Bioworks—is using $90 million in funding to focus on lab-grown dairy proteins as flavor and texture ingredients." This same topic on a consumer site, says: "They 3-D printed a cow's DNA and inserted it into the yeast." Umm, how about,
  • Isaac Arthur does a segment Synthetic Meat