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  • Microfluidics of single bacteria?
    Hi DIYbio community! I'm wondering if anyone is aware of a high-throughput microfluidic chip for long term time-lapse microscopy of individual bacteria. Most chips I come across are intended to monitor the growth of bacterial communities. I want to monitor individual bacteria. Thanks in advance
  • DIY Laminar flow hood
    I'm trying to put together the equipment I need to start on a DIYBio project, and I was wondering if anyone had some advice on putting together a laminar flow hood for sterile work? I have plenty of space to set it up, but I not sure what's the best way to construct it or what kind of filters
  • Biohack The Planet - Biohacker Conference in Oakland, CA - August 25 and 26th
    Hey Everyone We are holding the second annual BioHTP! Come and join us. While the term biohacker has historically been used to identify people working outside traditional environments our conference has a mix of people, Berkeley and Stanford Professors, Bay Area CEOs and individuals working
  • Private Cheap Genome Sequencing
    Hi Folks, I want to sequence my genome, but I want to keep the information confidential. I am interested in learning about some gene markers associated with health and genealogy. I would like to do this without making the bizzilion primers to do this on a hacker scale, but I am not opposed if
  • Molecular cloning
    Pls I need your advice on how to dimerise ssDNA virus that is cloned in pGEM 3 zaftig. How best do I approach this?
  • 200$ Real-Time PCR Thermocycler
    Dear DIYbio users, my name is Gabriele Borelli, I am a 25 years old passionate and crazy electronic engineer. I am developing an easy-to-use real-time PCR thermocycler with four collegues. Now that we have our first product, we would like to ask feedback to the greatest biohackers community in
  • Re: [DIYbio] Paralens fluorescence microscope objective for Hoechst and DAPI?
    Price? On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 2:25 PM, Mike wrote: > Hello all, > > As a cheap alternative to a fluorescence microscope for my home lab, I am > considering the Paralens Advance screw-on objective lens. > > >
  • Paralens fluorescence microscope objective for DAPI and Hoechst?
    Hello all, As a cheap alternative to a fluorescence microscope for my home lab, I am considering the Paralens Advance screw-on objective lens. (Please see page 9 of the PDF for an illustration of light
  • In vivo T4 DNA ligase expression.
    Hi all, I often do simple cloning of unmodified PCR products using a suicide vector. I wonder if anyone has tried to express the T4 DNA ligase in vivo so that the ligation could happen in vivo? I have only seen this paper by Ren et al They express
  • Zageno purchasing platform
    Hi everyone, I wanted to share a convenient purchasing platform that we have been using for several months at Boslab. It’s a startup called Zageno . They’re constantly increasing their catalog, and if you want something that is not in there you just need to ask them to