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Guideline for Sharing DIYbio-related Events

Here are some guidelines and suggestions for the events we post. The event listings are not curated, as we attempt to apply these guidelines fairly, but we reserve the right to apply or not apply any arbitrary rules we feel like!

  1. Your event should have something to do with DIYbio
  2. The event should be open to the public.
  3. We will not post ongoing working group or series meetings.
  4. We would be happy to post the formation of a new working groups or series, so long as the event is open to the public
  5. We would be happy to post your group’s attendance to a larger community event, such as a maker faire.
  6. The venue or group need not be listed on DIYbio’s list of local groups
  7. It’s very helpful (but not a requirement) that your event be listed online somewhere. Event platforms, like, with automated reminders and alerts,helps us to keep track.
  8. It would be great to follow up your event with links to photos. We would like to post a few.
  9. We’ll be on the hunt for events, but we’re not omniscient. If you want to tell us about your event, please email: