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From April 20th to May 7th we ran a survey. We asked respondants about basic demographics, the future of, perceptions about safety and regulation, and more.

Anonymized raw data from the survey is available here in CSV format. (Or Excel format)

NOTE: It is very much in draft form. Due to idiosyncrasies in the survey system we used (, certain columns in the raw data were mis-aligned with their header, leading to confusing data. I’ve re-aligned everything by hand, but there may be mistakes. So please don’t use any of the data formally until I can get a fixed export from surveygizmo.

Here are some preliminary results:


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  1. baden mcuen #
    October 3, 2010

    Hi DIY bio personel
    i am from sydney australia and for the last 10 years my ambition has been to have a small lab for bioscience and DNA R&D almost there with th elab a warehouse i am looking to build shortly will have a small area for the bio sciences
    i met a woman Briggittee Boisellier(a bioscientist) about 10 years ago and the conversation inspired me about bio science machines any information would be useful to purchase or aquire any

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