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DIYbio New York: DNA Extraction Party

September 24, 2009


The DIYbio New York group had a “DNA Extraction Party” at ConfluxCity 2009. What’s that?

Check it out at the DIYbio NYC blog

A perfect day for making DNA in NYC



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  1. Grant #
    October 13, 2009


    I came across a cople of web sites once, whilst trawling the internet and was wondering if anyone is doing any research on other biological applications for the work discovered in these sites (Sites below)

    In one of the sites it talks about using zinc to make spider silk stronger and more resistant to environmental impacts.

    Has anyone thought of maybe altering a bacterium or virus so that it can alter the proteins of say rat skin, so that it is strentghened with say zinc?

    If nature has the ability to do that with certain organisms, surelywe can change a virus to replicate the process for other organisims,to make them more resistant. Maybe have the virus alter the spider so that it makes the silk with embedded zinc or titanium.

    I am not a biologist and have no idea what is possible, this is just a thought I had after looking at those sites and I just happened to find your site, so thopught I would post a comment.

  2. Vincent #
    October 25, 2009


    I am very interested in what DIYBio is aiming at.

    Still, to be honest, I do not find information easy to find on this website or on the forum.
    For instance : how to begin simply with Bio experiments like dna extraction (detailed process) and next steps.

    Does this information exist ?
    If yes, could you please tell me where to find it ?
    If not, is it a project you have and when will it be available ?

    Thank you,


  3. November 14, 2009

    great idea!!
    so u can detect all dna from vegetables?
    i have only one question:
    on my research about plums (genetic erosion)
    could u verify that prunus domestica subsp. domestica (hauszwetschge, blue plum) and prunus domestica subsp. syriaca (mirabelle, yellow plum) r genetic TWINS ???
    no research articles about this fruit-phenomen has been found yet.
    (testmaterial r available in my garden 😉
    come on, make more

    best greet

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