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Hardware: Algae microscope and cell-picker

Draft entry


Urs Gaudenz AKA GaudiLab & HackteriaLab team


Rolling Development


A CD-ROM reading head for XY micro-positioning of a small glas capillary. The coil head is controlled using an arduino. The coils are directely connected to the PWM output pins. Picking head mounted on a larger XY-table (roboscope-style cam design, -ed.) for macro adjustments using the two stepper motors.

Design Files

Formal specs unavailable. But here’s a hackterish photo by way of illustration:
Hackterialab WebCamCellPicker diagram

Related Hardware:

roboscope xyz stage video

Previous Coverage:

– uncertain

More Information:

Check the insanity of the hackteria wiki page on Algae Culturing for more info. Will start working on getting manufacturing and assembly information – Mac Jun 2012.

Image of the capillary. String algae and single cell algae in size comparison. Positioning is very precise (+/- 5 um),aspiring the algae is not yet reliable.

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