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GoGoFuge orthometric photo

Hardware: GoGoFuge


Keegan Cooke


18 Mar 2012


Case, display, and control electronics for dremelfuge-based centrifuge. Based on GoGoBoard. Created as part of Standford FabLabs at School program. Designed to convert into vortexer shaker with eccentric-axis tube holder and rubber bands. Instruction Manual.

Design Files

GoGoFuge laser-cutting vectors – wood (.cdr)
GoGoFuge laser-cutting vectors – acrylic (.cdr)
GoGoFuge GoGoBoard firmware (.gogo)
note: please visit the gogofuge manual page if the design files links are broken.
Hardware license statement unavailable.

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More Information:

GoGoFuge with “vortexer” configuration

GoGoFuge with interior showing dremel unit and control electronics


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  1. April 5, 2013

    How many G’s does this one get?

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