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DIYbio events for the week beginning March 29

March 29, 2015


Here is your summary of weekly DIYbio related events, around the worldOn Sunday, Oakland has a course on DNA design and placement into living systems, while showing how to make bacteria glow.  On Tuesday, Somerville is having an open house, and  Vancouver is making an open source version of a widely publicized time-efficient food.  On Thursday, Brooklyn is having a talk on engineering the human microbiome with synthetic biology, Denver has a course on beginners use of widely used computational and visualization software, and Ljubljana is engaging in some moss graffiti.  On Friday, Sunnyvale has a demonstration of a free iGEM version of DNA design software.  On Saturday, Montreal has a lesson on bacteria culturing, on the way to setting up their community worm lab

Sunday, March 29
Oakland, CA, USA

Tuesday, March 31
Somerville, MA, USA
Vancouver, BC, CAN

Thursday, April 2
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Denver, CO, USA
Ljubljana, SVN

Friday, April 3
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Saturday, April 4
Montreal, QC, CAN

Tuesday, April 7
San Diego, CA, USA
Oakland CA, USA

Wednesday, April 8
Charlottesville, VA, USA

Saturday, April 11
Baltimore, MD, USA

Tuesday, April 14
Bethesda, MD, USA

Thursday, April 16
Moscow, RU

Wednesday, April 22
London, UK

Thursday, April 23
London, UK


To see when the next event is in your area, check the full list of usual suspects. Don’t see one near you? Why not have your own and get it posted here? Tell us about it by emailing . It would be great to post some photos of your event somewhere. We’d love to see them. We do have some guidelines for what is posted, and are not capturing every event within the community.

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