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DIYbio events for the week beginning April 12

April 13, 2015


Here is your summary of weekly DIYbio related events, around the world On Monday, Brooklyn begins their Biohacker Bootcamp, and Denver gets into the wetlab, working with microscopes  On Tuesday, Bethesda is holding hands-on workshops on the use of the use of NCBI databases and BLAST, and Amsterdam has a talk by Adam Brown.  On Wednesday, Baltimore has a talk and luncheon with Ellen Jorgensen, and  Stockholm needs help moving equipment they recently acquired to their makerspace.  On Thursday, Moscow has a welcoming session to get some DIY bio going, and Denver is holding sessions on learning Python through doing Rosalind problems.  On Friday, Toronto has a video series on Understanding Genetics, together with a roundup of some current events.  On Saturday, Baltimore has a workshop on customizing control software for bio-printing, guided by Ryan HooverBarcelona is at the Novum Festival showing off some recently built hardware and doing a number of fun activities, Oakland is inviting people to come join the Bay Area Biohackers iGEM Team, and Somerville has a Biohacking Hello World course.

Monday, April 13
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Denver, CO, USA

Tuesday, April 14
Bethesda, MD, USA
Amsterdam, NLD

Wednesday, April 15
Baltimore, MD, USA
Stockholm, SWE

Thursday, April 16
Moscow, RUS
Denver, CO, USA

Friday, April 17
Toronto, ON, CAN

Saturday, April 18
Baltimore, MD, USA
Barcelona, ESP
Oakland, CA USA
Somerville, MA, USA

Here are some pics from Brooklyn’s Hot Science for Kids events this last week, snatched off  Ellen Jorgensen’s @FeyScientist tweets. 

Who Stole the Goldfish crime scene and analysis
CCKJjKHVIAAaa8_.jpg large CCKJW2mUAAAZQrf.jpg large

Taking a look at different kinds of hair
CCKuQpfWYAAr5re.jpg large

Anesthetizing a roach while measuring with Spikerbox
CCQKxNBWEAAT2au.jpg large

More events coming up soon.

Tuesday, April 21
Amsterdam, NL

Wednesday, April 22
Charlottesville, VA, USA
London, UK
Seattle, WA, USA

Thursday, April 23
London, UK

Saturday, April 25
Bethesda, MD, USA
Seattle, WA, USA
Baltimore, MD USA

Sunday, April 26
Seattle, WA, USA


To see when the next event is in your area, check the full list of usual suspects. Don’t see one near you? Why not have your own and get it posted here? Tell us about it by emailing . It would be great to post some photos of your event somewhere. We’d love to see them. We do have some guidelines for what is posted, and are not capturing every event within the community.

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