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vol.1 – Jan 2012

The community posted some great submissions (see them all below) for the first diybio postcard “mini-newsletter”, providing a brief snapshot of activity over the last two months.

The cards went all over the world, to over 100 subscribers spanning six of the seven continents (aren’t there any diybiologists in Antarctica yet?).

The postcards were mailed Jan 31 2012 and got a couple of shout-outs.

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Collected from 1 Nov 2011 – 1 Jan 2012. Also available via google docs.

Jonathan Nesser
Extracting human DNA in a test tube with high school students, gatorade, soap & alcohol. Hoping the electrophoresis works!

Took this @BOSSLAB. P lunula, is a crescent-moon shaped bioluminescent algae. Working on DIY media for them! #DIYBIOHI

Derek gave a TEDx talk on biohackerspaces – transformations, genetics, and even business opportunities!

Building a clean bench Part I. Next up: hepa filter, uv lights, and plexiglass #diybiohi

Makerbot repeater pipette hack for liquid handling from @iihlab #diybiohi

Cathal Garvey
A moderately well researched theoretical guide to making fluorescent yogurt!

2-Channel SpikerBox coming soon, you can now measure the speed of action potentials as they race down a nerve

diybio postcard subscribers – 01 Jan 2012


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  1. James #
    February 17, 2012

    you guys need more pictures, lots more of the results

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