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DIYbio events for the week of July 30

July 27, 2017


Here are your DIYbio events for the week of July 30

Sunday, July 30

Brooklyn, NY, USA – Summer Ferments   Cheryl Paswater guides exploration and craft of two delicious types of vegetable ferments that are easily made at home without any special ingredients or equipment.

Brooklyn, NY, USA – Fungi Fabrication: Mycelium Materials.   Work with mycelium as material for experimental design applications. Grow a variety of samples, starting from a store bought mushroom, to mycelium grown using experimental techniques, to shaping molds to form mycelium composite materials grown to shapee.  In this 3-session course,  Ali Schachtschneider helps you gain skills and insight into potential applications for fungi based materials—walking away with new knowledge, mycelium tissue-culture skills, and grown material samples.

Oakland, CA, USA – Open Insulin Lab Day.  The Open Insulin Project continues.

Ottowa, ON, CAN – Open House! See Ottowa’s biohackerspace

Tuesday, August 1

Cambridge, UK Biomakespace Introduction & Tour (for prospective members)

Cambridge, UK Low tech Microfluidics [Hands-on Session] Biomakespace  Building your own low tech microfluidics using just plastic and paper and discuss wax paper, paper tape and plastic tape microfluidics.

Longwood, FL, USA – Open House

Oakland, CA, USA – Art of Science, Science of Art   Show, tell and share anything that you are interested in relating to the intersection of art with science, math and engineering.

San Diego, CA, USA – Shooting Stars from Mars-Solving the Mystery With Oxygen Isotope Forensics   Learn about how Dr. Robina Shaheen is using chemistry to investigate one of the biggest mysteries of nature- the origin and history of the Red Planet.

Santa Clara, CA, USA – Quantum Biology-Community Project  Work continues on a quantum salinity detector  (Surface Plasmon Salinity Detector)

Wednesday, August 2

Charlottesville, VA, USA – Biohack Meeting  Work on egg fertilization outside the shell, as well as Green Wall and Virtual Reality teaching programs continues

Oakland, CA, USA – Open Source Insulin Project The Open Insulin Project continues

Oakland, CA, USA – FermentationStation MycoFermentoOmniMondo Various fun fermentations of foodstuffs to produce beverages, etc continues.

Santa Clara, CA, USA – Microfluidics: ‘Lab on a Chip’    Eric Harness guides development of lab analysis automation hardware at the micro and nano level.

Somerville, MA, USA – Open House

Thursday, August 3

Denver, CO, USA – Guests Speaker: Charlie Kirkham – An Introduction to Ecology! A tour through the powerful world of ecology: its features, its influence on our lives, and the benefits understanding it offers.

Santa Clara, CA, USA – Bioprinter Community Project Night.  The project to develop live cell printing continues.

San Francisco, CA, USA – Consumer Bio-design Showcase & Orbella Moss Launch Celebration Come see various bio-designed products, including the launch of a scented air product made by moss in a terrarium

Seattle, WA, USA – Lightning Science Talks at SoundBio  Six scientists from University of Washington will share stories about how a glowing jellyfish led to a Nobel Prize, why personal data collection is changing the way we view ourselves, how recent technical advances are allowing us to ask new questions in biology, and more.

Friday, August 4

Baltimore, MD, USA – Free Seminar Night! “Black Fungi Getting us to Space” Dr. Cordero!   Radames J. B. Cordero discusses his studies of fungal melanin, and how it might help provide relief from some of the environmental stressors associated with Mars, and perhaps our future planet, as well as other properties and technologies.

Singapore, Singapore – Let’s meet to share about improvised lab equipment and home experiments

Saturday, August 5

Austin, TX, USA – Aquaponics Engineering  learn how aquaponic systems have been improved to do more and cost less. Free class presented by Jason Avent.

Brooklyn, NY, USA – Genome Editing with CRISPR-Cas9  Intense hands-on 4-session course to edit the genome of brewers yeast, led by Will Shindel

Cambridge, UK – Water Monitoring (build a 3-d printed microscope)

Seattle, WA, USA – Heart & Blood Workshop  Learn about blood, some of its functions, how it is moved around in different organisms, and cardiac electrophysiology, with a focus on our own system.  Lecture and lab material are provided to learn blood and transport systems, how to determine your hematocrit, typing your own blood, microscopic evaluation of our white blood cells, origin of heart sounds, use of a stethoscope, dissection of a mammalian four-chambered heart, cardiac electrophysiology, and performing an ECG.

San Diego, CA, USA – Under the Sea and ‘Scope: Workshop at the La Jolla Riford Library  A look at sea urchin development, with scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography: You’ll get to handle live sea stars and urchins, observe fertilization and development under the microscope, and learn about the research activities at SIO.

Santa Clara, CA, USA – Lab Skills 101: Intro to the Lab  Get introduced to the basics of the working in the Sunnyvale lab.  This is required before taking on lab work there.

Santa Clara, CA, USA – Lecture on Advanced Molecular Detection at the CDC The chief science officer for the CDC’s Office of Advanced Molecular Detection, Duncan MacCannel gives what should be quite a talk.

Other events coming up

Sunday, August 6
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Monday, August 7
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Oakland, CA, USA
San Francisco, CA, USA
Santa Clara, CA, USA

Tuesday, August 8
Brooklyn, NY, USA
San Francisco, CA, USA
Santa Clara, CA, USA
Seattle, WA, USA

Saturday, August 12
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Monday, August 14
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Oakland CA, USA

Saturday, August 19
Brooklyn, NY, USA
San Diego, CA, USA

Tuesday, August 22
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Thursday, August 24
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Somerville, MA, USA

Friday August 25 – Saturday August 26
Oakland, CA, USA

Sunday, August 27
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Cambridge, MA, USA

Friday, September 22 – Sunday, September 24
Cambridge, MA, USA

Tuesday, September 26 (13 weeks) APPLICATION DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 1 Amsterdam, Netherlands

To see when the next event is in your area, check the full list of usual suspects. Don’t see one near you? Why not have your own and get it posted here? Tell us about it by emailing It would be great to post some photos of your event somewhere. We’d love to see them. We do have some guidelines for what is posted, and are not capturing every event in the community.

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