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DIYbio Events for the week of August 6

August 1, 2017


Here are your events for the week.

Sunday, August 6

Brooklyn, NY, USA – Biotech Crash Course Introductory intense hands-on course led by Julie Wolf covers the basic techniques that facilitated the biotechnology revolution, and will show you where it is headed in the near future.

Oakland, CA, USA- Open Insulin Lab Day The Open Insulin Project continues

Tokyo, JPN – Tokyo Maker Faire 2017 See various DIYbio groups at the Maker Faire event

Monday, August 7

Brooklyn, NY, USA – PCR and Pizza at Biotech Without Borders   Biotech Without Borders is holding its first PCR and Pizza event to inaugurate the new lab. Pizza and beer and talking science.  Extract your own DNA and do a PCR-based test for a genomic mutation in the CCR5 gene.

Oakland and Santa Clara, CA, USA Synthetic Biology, Biohacking, and Cheese – Real Vegan Cheese team meeting  The Real Vegan Cheese project collaboration between two biohackspaces continues

San Francisco, CA, USA – Regenerating the Body – Cell by Cell Come hear the latest in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine from three companies in the field, as well as what challenges lie ahead.  Ryan Bonvillain, Nicholas Pashos, and Drew Titmarsh are the featured speakers

Tuesday, August 8

Brooklyn, NY, USA = Brooklyn Barcodes: Open Night  Get hands-on lab experience and learn how to read the code of life. BYOS (Bring Your Own Sample).

San Francisco, CA, USA – Microbiome and Agriculture  Networking, pitches, and a panel discussion on the intersection of the microbiome and agriculture. Hear from senior leaders at some of the microbiome companies changing the field.

Santa Clara, CA, USA – Cuttle Wranglin’: Studying RNA Editing of Dwarf Cuttlefish Dive deep into the genome of Sepia bandensis (dwarf cuttlefish).  Perform genome and transcriptome analysis of this species, ultimately leading to the identification of highly edited RNA transcripts, while trying to find a correlation between changing environmental conditions and RNA editing capabilities.

Seattle, WA, USA – Citizen Salmon Project By connecting the information about a salmon’s genes and where they were born, we are developing a tool citizen scientists can use to determine the origin of the salmon on their plate.

Tokyo, JPN – Weekly Meeting Hendrik-Jan Grievink (Next Nature Network) Hendrik-Jan Grievink from Next Nature Network will talk about his latest project ‘Ectogenesis, Artificial Womb, Human Egg’: how will technology influence reproduction, sexuality and relationships in the future?

Wednesday, August 9

Oakland, CA, USA – FermationStation MycoFermentoOmniMondo Fun fermentation continues.

Oakland, CA, USA – Open Source Insulin Project   The Open Insulin Project continues

Santa Clara, CA, USA – Microfluidics: ‘Lab-on-a-Chip’    Eric Harness guides development of lab analysis automation hardware at the micro and nano level.

Thursday, August 10

Baltimore, MD, USA – Lab Skills Night! – Plasma DNA Isolation!  Learn pipette skills plasma dna isolation through a hands-on 2-hour session

Munich, BY, DEU – SynBio Stammtisch München  Learn, discuss, and collect synthetic biology information here

Saturday, August 12

Brooklyn, NY, USA – Second Saturdays: DNA Barcoding  Get hands-on lab experience and learn how to read the code of life. BYOS (Bring Your Own Sample).

Oakland, CA, USA – Weekly Class Series – Learn Something New

Other events coming up

Monday, August 14
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Oakland CA, USA

Saturday, August 19
Brooklyn, NY, USA
San Diego, CA, USA

Tuesday, August 22
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Thursday, August 24
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Somerville, MA, USA

Friday August 25 – Saturday August 26
Oakland, CA, USA

Sunday, August 27
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Cambridge, MA, USA
Tel Aviv, ISR

Sunday, September 10
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Santa Clara, CA, USA

Sunday, September 17
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Friday, September 22 – Sunday, September 24
Cambridge, MA, USA

Tuesday, September 26 (13 weeks) APPLICATION DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 1 Amsterdam, NTL

To see when the next event is in your area, check the full list of usual suspects. Don’t see one near you? Why not have your own and get it posted here? Tell us about it by emailing It would be great to post some photos of your event somewhere. We’d love to see them. We do have some guidelines for what is posted, and are not capturing every event in the community.

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