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DIYbio events for the week of May 1

May 1, 2016


Here are your DIYbio events for the week.  On Sunday, Los Angeles features Ilaria Mazzoleni and Lola Dompe giving talks and leading audience participation on their work on interrelationships between the natural and built environment,  biodesign, art, materials, and pigments, while Oakland continues its Open Insulin and coursework on protein purification.  On Monday Oakland and Sunnyvale continue their Real Vegan Cheese project. On Tuesday, Cambridge uses R code to show several packages for the analysis of RNA-seq data, comparing different tools, while Sunnyvale continues its work on a quantum salinity detector, and has an open house for its Plant Bio Research Group.  On Wednesday, Oakland continues its fun fermentation work and Open Insulin project, San Francisco has a discussion on the DIYbio movement with Mac Cowell, Sunnyvale continues its efforts on a fluorescence microscope, and Toronto has a discussion of hybrid art/science work, featuring Nicole Clouston and Jasmine Alkin.  On Thursday, Cambridge continues their biomakespace planning, Oakland continues its fungal cultivation, and Sunnyvale continues its bioprinter project.  On Friday, Sunnyvale has a discussion of climate change and biotechnology.  On Saturday, Amsterdam invites you to hack biotic gaming designs,  Brooklyn features a bioinformatics workshop guided by Elizabeth Hénaff where bacterial species are determined from metagenomic datasets from your favorite subway, Cambridge will have Zeeshan Ali and Richard Hopper discuss chemical sensing, and later you can help  build an open source desktop spectrometer.  Also on Saturday, Minneapolis will be participating in a hackathon with their algae bloom monitoring droid while San Diego helps put on a crime scene science workshop.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Oakland, CA, USA
Oakland, CA, USA

Monday, May 2
Oakland, CA, USA
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Tuesday, May 3
Cambridge, MA, USA
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Wednesday, May 4
Oakland, CA, USA
Oakland, CA, USA
San Francisco, CA, USA
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Toronto, ON, CAN

Thursday, May 5
Cambridge, GBR
Oakland, CA, USA
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Friday, May 6
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Saturday, May 7
Amsterdam, NTL
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Cambridge, GBR
Minneapolis, MN, USA
San Diego, CA, USA

Events coming up

Sunday, May 8
Austin, TX, USA

Tuesday, May 10
Denver, CO, USA

Wednesday, May 11
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Thursday, May 12
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Saturday, May 14
Seattle, WA, USA

To see when the next event is in your area, check the full list of usual suspects. Don’t see one near you? Why not have your own and get it posted here? Tell us about it by emailing It would be great to post some photos of your event somewhere. We’d love to see them. We do have some guidelines for what is posted, and are not capturing every event within the community.

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